How is Morton different from other consultancies?

Morton Consulting offers advantages that you won’t find at other Recruitment firms. We treat our consultants, employees, and candidates as customers. We are a small, personalized firm where follow up and follow through are keys to success.  In addition, we believe we differentiate ourselves from other firms in this space through:

  • Customer Service

    At Morton Consulting we view our customers as the clients and hiring managers we support but also the employees and candidates who work for us.  In a rapidly changing and growing Information Technology world where talent acquisition and the recruitment engine are critical to securing the top talent in a marketplace where unemployment is at only 2.3%, the candidate / consultant engagement and relationship is critical.

  • Continuous Process Improvement

    Morton Consulting has developed a detailed delivery process over our 8 year history that we believe, results in the most talented and professional candidates in the marketplace.  We also realize that we are in a business that is constantly changing and evolving so we spend significant time on reviewing our processes and taking advantage of opportunities for improve.  Whether customer, employee, or candidate feedback, we try to use every experience to continue optimizing our process to show our customers, both clients and customers, a memorable experience.  Additionally, we are very flexible and have the ability to make adjustments to our process in an effort to align it as close to our customers process as possible.

  • True Partnership

    Morton Consulting is targeting our strategy and growth with customers where long-term partnerships can be developed.  We’ve found out through our deep experience that both Morton Consulting and our customers see the most value from our service when a true partnership exists.  We have many customers who would be more than happy to share their experiences with our true partnership.

How do I get notified of an open project or assignment?

The Morton Consulting Team continually mines industry sources for job leads and literally has hundreds of conversations each day with decision makers and leading companies to find out about opportunities and upcoming projects. We are always looking for your next gig. If we see a specific opportunity that is a great match, we will notify you via email and/or telephone immediately. Morton Consulting also updates our Job Listing on the website nightly so visit us every day for our updated list of opportunities.  In addition, we post our positions on Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter so give us a “Like” or a “Follow”

What happens after I send my resume to you for a job?

Typically if we are going to proceed with submitting you to work on an assignment or project, we will contact you within several days of receiving your details. If we haven’t contacted you within a week, it means that we found a better match for the assignment whose experience meets the client’s needs exactly.

When do you send my resume/details to the client?

Confidentiality is important and we are respectful of yours. Morton will not release your details unless we have your permission. The Morton Team respects your privacy and will only present information to a client after you have expressed direct interest in the company and the assignment. Morton Consulting also requires each candidate to complete a Permission to Present survey prior to sending your resume to any of our customers.

How do you determine the pay rate for consultants?

In many cases, Morton is required to deliver the right talent within a set budget for our customers.  We offer competitive rates / salaries and we aim to agree upon the best option for each candidate.  Many things are taken into consideration including geographic location, travel, benefits and the overall opportunity.

Does Morton Consulting work with consultants on a business-to-business relationship?

Consultants who are incorporated (LLC) and are able to provide the necessary documents showing they have a legitimate consulting business can work with Morton on a b-to-b relationship.