Hiring Process

Many large and small businesses rely on Morton Consulting for their IT staffing needs. We provide added value and service to our clients by handling the tedious process of putting the right people in the right place. We don’t do hit-or-miss placements and we consistently provide excellence with every placement.

We begin our hiring process with a thorough understanding of the client’s needs.

We know IT and project management which helps determine the key requirements for the specialized position, and the high-level skillset and qualifications necessary in a consultant for the position.

We review our database and our deep network of potential candidates.

We monitor online groups relevant to the industries we service and always have an eye on outstanding members. Our team already has the inside track on top talent that others may not know is available.
Morton zeros in and locates a match for the open job position.

We then verify skills and experience. Our team performs reference and background checks and preliminary interviews with potential candidates. The interview process determines the potential consultant’s strengths, accomplishments, and career goals along with schedule preferences and company culture.

Morton respects your privacy and will only present a candidate to a client after we have permission to do so.

After the potential consultant has expressed direct interest, we present consultant’s details to the client company Morton Consulting serves as liaison between the consultant and the client company in order to streamline the job search and placement process.

We guide the process and handle all the details.